making a decision

to help you decide...

keep an open mind & don't worry!

Look past stereotypes and ‘safe’ choices. Attend college and university open events and careers fairs to explore all the courses and careers available.

Making decisions can be difficult and sometimes people can really feel the pressure to make the right decision the first time around but don’t worry. You only need to decide what on what you want to do first. If you then find that you have changed your mind or want to follow a different path, you can switch onto another course or job opportunity – on average, people have 5 totally different careers in their lifetime!


Discover what you like/don’t like doing and boost your skills & experience. Find relevant opportunities at:

… or ask employers directly if you can shadow them/come on work experience!

gain work experience & develop your skills

Through working part-time, volunteering, taking on positions of responsibility (e.g. class reps), attending university summer schools, taking on personal projects (e.g. creating your own website) and, if you are aged 16/17, signing up to the National Citizen Service.

Speak to industry professionals, and looks out for webinars and workshops to expand your knowledge.

think about your decision-making style

Can you be impulsive, saying yes to the first thing you see? Can you be hesitant and let your friends or family decide for you? Look into all the options before making a decision… but make sure to decide before someone else decides for you!

the job market

The job market is changing all the time, and many of the jobs that will be available in 5 years’ time will look different than the jobs available now. Jobs in digital marketing didn’t exist 10 years ago and there is now a national skills shortage in this area! The Start Profile, Prospects and National Careers Service websites all include labour market information, and the below links may also be useful:

the career-o-meter!

got a career in mind?

When you have one or a few careers in mind, consider the following:

Also think about:

If you need to gain further qualifications to progress, consider: